Check Out Our Projects!


Our current project a.k.a. Project Phil is an exciting 2D Platformer Action RPG...with a twist! We strive to break new ground and be innovative, while creating fun and interesting content and we believe Project Phil does just that! It takes place on an Alien world with vibrant colors. This world is made up of interesting and fun plants, enemies and backgrounds as well as characters that will pull you in with their stories. We look forward to it's release and we hope you do too!

This is currently a side project, but will be given the same amount of love as any other project! Project TopDown-Z might have guessed it...a zombie game! Fight waves of zombies while trying to protect your base, upgrade your base as you go, get better weapons and become the ultimate Zombie Apocalypse survivalist! Everyone loves some Zombies! This is a pixel art style game and we really hope you will enjoy it when it's done!